Through My Eyes

This past year, KONY 2012 formed a movement and took the social media by storm. The entire point of Kony 2012 was to inform the world of the wanted Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony. The movement’s phenomenal success online also sparked some big questions.

With the overwhelming support of Kony 2012, some people started to question the Invisible Children Organization, the ones who started the revolution in the first place. In efforts to “Cover the Night” to make the wanted Kony famous, the organization produced and sold kits to assist people making Joseph Kony recognizable, a push to end his injustice by enslaving children as soldiers in Uganda.

In this production and distributing of kits, some rose and attacked the organization of merely wanting to make profit, and not actually take a move in the right direction. After more accusations like this rose, the Invisible Children Organization took action.

The organization…

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