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Sky Pirate Parasail

Since I am engaged to a thrill seeking kind of man, I have decided to put together a bucket list. One of the “to-dos” on the bucket list is to Parasail. Beautiful views from thousands of feet above the water.

Thanks to Living Social, a great deal was e-mailed my way. After purchasing the Living Social deal the e-mail took awhile to get our way. This Saturday we decided to go for it. The hour drive round-trip was not exactly ideal. Walked onto a boat along with another couple.

Hesitant because of my extreme case of motion sickness. When the boat is rushing over the water I am fine, the station boat rocking from side to side triggers my motion sickness. Oh did I mention I forgot to bring Dramamine? The amazing drug that reduces all kinds of motion sickness (when taken).

The other couple on the boat had the pleasure of Parasailing first, while we enjoyed the fast pass boat and the glistening sun on the not-very-still-water. The lift vest ensured out floating ability and the harnesses ensured us staying attached to the parachute that allows us to sail in the air.

The experience was beautiful and I would go Parasailing again. Next time I will make sure my camera works before getting there.

The Parasailing company is called Sky Pirate Sailing and it is located in Treasure Island. It is a family business. The dad, Matt and the daughters, Abby and her younger sister help run the business. Very personable. I enjoyed talking with the daughter Abby. Great people.

If there are any other thrill seekers out there go and check them out and tell them Jessica “Osborn” referred you. They have a Facebook and website!

Photo Credit: Ever Save.com

Sky Pirate Parasail

(727) 803-6886