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Photo Credit: Mary’s Be a GoodDog Blog

Invisible Children (IC) is a movement which exists to bring a permanent end to LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) Atrocities.”Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army have been abducting, killing, and displacing civilians in East and Central Africa since 1987.” Invisible Children (IC) uses Media, Mobilization, Protection, and Recovery to bring awareness to civilians in East and Central Africa. Media brings Documentary Films to share the knowledge and “inspire global action”. Mobilization means mobilizing groups of people to “support and advance international efforts to end LRA”. Protection warns civilians about LRA attacks and strongly urges LRA members to surrender, peacefully. Recovery brings hope to the children who have been effected by LRA, education and solutions for “lasting-peace”.

With over 150 workers and the support of 100,000+ people, Invisible Children (IC) has team member in both the U.S. and Africa. Spreading the word that their lives, the civilians in East and Central Africa, are worth fight for; they have the same right to be alive just like the rest of the world. “Some organizations focus exclusively on documenting human rights abuses, or exclusively on rehabilitation. Our comprehensive model is intentional and has proven to be very effective.”

Photo Credit: inhabitat.com

If one does not know much about Invisible Children (IC), one would most likely recognize KONY 2012. Logos on t-shirts and pin-buttons beside shirt collars. The new film Move premiers online October 7 at 7pm PDT on KONY2012.

With every movement there are positives and negatives that are brought out by non-followers and followers. Invisible Children (IC) encourages people to visit the Q and A page of their website and WordPress blog.  They want to set the facts straight.

-Video from Invisible Children’s website