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Victoria Harris is a senior at Southeastern University. Her father is Doctor Harris, a professor in the Communications Department. Victoria, also known as Tora, will be graduating in the spring with her Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. She has just recently interviewed at Disney for their internship program. Tora is striving for a position in Social Media Marketing upon graduation in May. She also would like to work in Advertising if Social Media Marketing does not work out. As a side note, I would like to ask everyone to pray for Tora and Disney. Praying that Disney makes the correct decision and that God’s will is done.  Victoria is currently the Marketing Director at the Chick-fil-A Lake Brandon Village location. She works part-time while finishing up her four-year degree. I heard of Tora Harris from Professor Nixon. Professor Nixon mentioned that Doctor Harris’ daughter works for Chick-fil-A. Victoria and I decided to meet in the Mi Casa Café after our classes were over. We sat inside the Café face-to-face and she kindly answered my many questions.

Victoria shares the responsibilities with a fellow full-time Marketer at Chick-fil-A. The full-time marketer handles the face-to-face public relations, Tora referred her co-workers job title to “the face of the company”, walking around the Chick-fil-A restaurant asking customers if they need refills and building connections and bridges with others. While the full-time marketer is taking care of that side, Victoria handles all the Social Media Marketing. Even though Tora is part-time, her weekly schedule is busy. Tora keeps all the social media sites up-to-date (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the website).  Text-marketing/planning, and email-marketing/planning are also on her job description. This particular location has one big event per month. Tora plans for the monthly-events during the weeks leading up to the events. Every month, there is also Area Marketing Meetings. The Administrative and Management of Lakeland, Brandon, and Tamps Chick-fil-A locations meet together in one room and build community. This is where these three locations can swap ideas, share what has worked for them recently, and keep the idea of “family” in perspective. In between creating and planning events, keeping all the stores’ social media up-to-date, and going to meetings once a month with locations in the area, Tora also takes care of the emails. I did not know this but Chick-fil-A, since they are well-known for being a generous company, they receive a bunch of emails asking for donations and scholarships. Catering is a big part of Chick-fil-A. Businesses can order and pick-up or can make arrangements to have Chick-fil-A deliver the catered food. Not only does Chick-fil-A offer delivery for their catering, but the Marketer will set up the food. Tora said most businesses would prefer to pay a little extra for delivery. The bonus is that Tora will set-up the table and maybe bring some of the “Eat Mor Chiken” cows.

When I asked Tora about events, she said her favorite event is Mommy and Me. Tora thought of the event when she was working at the Chick-fil-A inside the Lakeland Square Mall. Her audience was stay-at-home moms. Facebook was used to advertise this new event, as well as, word-of-mouth. She visited churches and preschools, talking to moms as they were picking up their kiddos and handing out event flyers.

To stay current in the PR industry Tora follows anything Social Media related on LinkedIn. Daily posts are brought to her attention, keeping her in the current. Chick-fil-A Corporate shares new information with Chick-fil-A locations. Age and surroundings, the college atmosphere, are benefits for when it comes to staying current in Social Media. There is not much Tora wishes she knew before starting her job at a Marketer. For Tora, writing is somewhat important. Most of the writing is through email and on flyers.  Working in an agency is something Tora has not done yet. Three tips given to me were “don’t underestimate the power of photos”, “know social media”, and “employees opinions do not matter”.

I was happy to hear Tora talk about Social Media and organizing the Marketing side. I am an organized person and I could see myself receiving pay to keep the work organized and love it. After interviewing Victoria Harris, I am more apt to pursuing a career in Public Relations. I now know that the classes I am taking eventually are used in the working PR world. I enjoyed hearing from Tora about her job, as the Chick-fil-A Marketer.