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credit: blog.shopshoebiz.com

Everyone knows about TOMS. The company who gives a pair of shoes to a child in need overseas, whenever someone purchases a pair. The customer receives a TOMS shoebox filled with a pair of shoes, a sticker, and a burlap style flag. Now have you heard about BOBS by Skechers?

If you have, it is probably the conservancy between these two company. Most of what I have heard is talk through Twitter and Facebook. I did not know too much about BOBS except that their “idea” was, mostly likely, not original.

I looked on their site but could not find any information explaining their reasoning for the movement. The website was filled with shoes and the prices, so basically the revenue for the company.

I found a post on the blog site We First which is run by Simon Mainwaring. “Simon Mainwaring  is founder of We First, a social branding consulting firm that helps companies, non-profits and individuals use social media to build communities, profits and positive impact”. In the post, he basically re-said what I wrote in this nutshell-of-a-post. The title of the post is TOMS vs BOBS: How Skechers Shot Themselves In The Foot. That is definitely a eye-drawing title.  I agree with what Simon Waring said in the post,

Skechers would have done far better to copy TOMS in a different way. They should have sat down and thought through what they stand for and then acted on that with equal generosity. Then would consumers have a way to connect with the brands that warranted admiration.”

All in all, yes both TOMS and BOBS are great movements and are helping children in need of footwear. It would have been nice though, to find more information about “their” cause on the Skechers website. To know where they got the idea, maybe even explain why they chose shoes and not sweaters or soap. To know the company’s’ heart behind starting the movement.