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Chick-fil-A News Releases are found on the restaurants website under the Company & Career tab. The menu is vertically displayed on the left and the news releases on the right hand side. Simple layout and easy to navigate.

Comparing the News Release Chick-fil-A Receives Chain’s First LEED Gold Certification at Ft. Worth Restaurant  from the Business Journal I would say that I liked the layout better on the Chick-fil-A website instead of in the Business Journal. I say this because the News Release on the Chick-fil-A website does not seemed cramped but instead visually attractive. Bullet point to give better deffinition of where the new idea begins and clearly seen paragraphs showing the new thought. Both versions of the same News Release are identical as far as wording goes.

I would give Chick-fil-A a thumbs up for making their online News Room visually attractive to viewers. I do wish both versions looked the same, considering that media is important.