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A few years back my college, Southeastern University, had a guest speaker. This guest speaker talked about the non-profit organization Charity Water. All I knew about this non-profit company was they had water bottles with their name displayed on the front. I felt it was time to know more than what their water bottles look like.

100% of donations directly fund water projects such as pump heads, cement, pipes, and local staff. I would like to focus on some of their accomplishments of providing clean drinking water to developing countries.

One of the stories I will be focusing on is when the team traveled to Honduras to visit six wells that had been built thanks to the partnership and funding of Saks Fifth Avenue. Within a matter of twelve weeks $500,000 was raised providing 100 plus wells in Africa, India, and Honduras. Rio Plantano, Honduras struggle and all because they do not have clean drinking water. Students missed school because of sickness caused by drinking dirty, trash infested waters. Bathrooms are a walk away for a good reason too. Houses are built on stilts because when one starts to dig in the ground, brown murky water arises. Medication is rarely given out to sick patients, once again because of not have clean water at their disposal.

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue, wells were built to bring clean water so the education can be restored, bodies can become healthy again, and locals can wash their hands after using the restroom. I never knew so much of life would be effected just because of not having access to clean drinking water.

Emily Ramos is a 31 year old teacher and she just received a well close by her. Emily said her and her two kids would get sick at least every week from drinking the water. She was never shown how to properly chlorinate her water from the pit thus causing illness to her and her family. Now that Charity Water has placed a well, Emily Ramos and her family are doing better.

The members of Charity Water that visited Honduras said, “Since the freshwater well was put in six weeks ago, she hasn’t been sick, nor does she know anybody who’s been sick. The 20 kids at her local school are healthy, and she says the kids love the taste of the water. She said there were many important things about the water pump but the best thing was the ability to control the illnesses they were getting from the holes.”

Emily Ramos refers to the pump as “a blessing from God and pretty much the greatest thing ever. ” The people of Honduras are thankful, including Emily Ramos. This joyous blessing would not of been possible without Charity Water‘s vision and Saks Fifth Avenue donating $500,000 towards 100 plus clean water wells.

So now you are asking how can you get involved. Go to their website and sponsor. Every little bit that is donated goes toward the cause of providing others with the water that we take for granted almost every day. I know that I forget to say thank you for my water purifier in my fridge daily.

Donations can be given in any form. Charity Water has a store where anyone could find at least one item they would not mind buying for the cause. Even if you do not see anything you like, buy a friend a “just because” gift. Two gifts in one package. How beautiful is that? The store includes items such as iPad cases, reusable water bottles, jamboxs, gelskins for iPhones and more. Say you do not want to buy an item, you can give money donations.

Once you give a donation you can use their Proof of My Charity, it is also called Dollars to Charity. Donations this way happens in three easy steps (1) donate the money (2) 100% of your donation goes directly to the field and (3) once the project is complete Charity Water‘s partners send the organization photos and a GPS location so you, the donator, can see where exactly your money went.

Blessings come in many forms and for Charity Water it is in the form of clean drinking water, pumps, cement, and more. Let’s start taking part of this world and bless others.