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This past summer I found myself sitting in front of the television every Monday night at 9pm, ready to watch The Bachelorette. After the Season Finale, I became curious as to what organization Jef Holm is the founder of. Thanks to the handy social network, Facebook, I stumbled upon a post about Jef Holm and his organization. The “for-profit, caused-based business”  is called People Water. People Water has more than one way of going about their simple idea of, “… the easier it is for people to help each other the more they’ll do it.”


“People Water is not a charity nor is it a non-profit organization. We are a for-profit, cause-based business that is committed to alleviating the global water crisis. We subscribe to the concept of a double bottom line, which is the concept that beyond a company’s financial performance we should support businesses that create positive social outcomes.

At People Water, we measure success in two ways. First, as with any good business, we look to increase sales, improve margins, and generate a return for our shareholders. Second, we also measure our success based on the amount of clean water we make available.  Fortunately, our two goals are interconnected: if we are successful with our first goal, we will be successful with the second.” –People Water

One of the ways is called “Drop For Drop“. For every water bought from People Water, an equal amount will be given to people in need of clean, healthy drinking water. Another way is People Water created an Eco-friendly water bottle. Bottles that when one drinks water, there will be no traces of plastic (aka. the leaching effect). People Water also goes to places in need and provides clean water wells. Just this summer Founder Jef Holm announced the opening of two new water wells in Uganda thanks to their partnership with Generosity Water.

Want to get more involved? People Water has an Ambassador Program with four options. Street, Campus, Corporate, and Online. Street Ambassador gives those who are not in school the chance to bring People Water to new places and spread the word with water. Campus Ambassador allows students the chance to make a difference in the town where they are attending school. Sharing People Water and allowing fellow students to take part in this movement. Corporate Ambassador is the business side, allowing businesses to get their feet in the door. I do not know about you, but I would like to walk into a gas station and be able to buy water that also gives back. Online Ambassador is for those who live a crazy, hectic life but in the midst of all that, still want to help. With the Online Ambassador, muti-media will be used a the tool to expand the know about People Water.

People Water provides more opportunities for everyone to join in and make a difference. At least look at their page, you never know what will tug on your heart strings and lead to a post about a profit organization. Why not buy a water from People Water and provide clean water to someone in need?! Let’s do our part and buy water from People Water.

Here is where I give all my subscribers/readers the easiest way to give back. Check out the website here. Share the knowledge you find amazing here, here, and here. And start giving back by purchasing merchandise, iPhone cases, and water here.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” – English Proverb