The school year is coming to an end and that means final exams are quickly approaching. For the communication class I am taking we are to post a blog about this past semester in #Comm4633 Social Media for Public Relations.

Throughout this semester I have learn so much about social media! Such as Social Bookmarking, Widgets & Badges, and WordPress. A ton of surprises throughout the semester. I found out that not many companies/business use social media to their advantage, I mean its FREE. I did not realize how important social media is in this day and age until I took this class. I thought I was up to date on the latest social media, but apparently there is more and continually growing; that surprised me.

Even though the class is over and the semester is closing very soon, I would still like to learn more. I am still confused about the social media sites Delicious and Diigo. I believe that if I look around the site and use it more, they will make more sense. After learning about social media, I am interest in webpage and design and would like to learn more about it. I plan to continue blogging and I hope to learn more about how to be a better blogger. All will come with research, practice, and persistence.

I am very thankful for this semester of school. I cannot believe I am almost at senior status and only have 1 year left. I would like to tell Mrs. Nixon that I will greatly miss her at Southeastern University. I wish she did not have to go but I realize that God has a great plan in store for the Nixon’s. Thank you Mrs. Nixon!