picture credit: userlogo.org

In the blogging world, there are so many blogs to look up to and follow. I would like to take the time to commend a peer blogger and a professional blogger and express my thoughts.

For the peer blog I have chosen to talk about Liz Colburn’s blog Randomly Ravishing. She is a fellow classmate and dear friend of mine. Right from the gecko, her blog is visually vibrant and happy! With great use of pictures, photos, and graphic, Liz’s blog has more color. The blog Randomly Ravishing covers anything and everything social media. So if you have any questions do not be afraid to stop by and comment, follow, and ask Liz Culburn’s blog Randomly Ravishing.

For the professional blog I have chosen to talk about is Carly’s European Experience on Blogspot. She is studying abroad in France for the semester. She has started a blog to keep family members and friends included in her European adventure. When reading her blog I feel as if I am right along side her experiencing everything too. Her adventure has been amazing to read about. She is a great photographer as well, which adds more color to her blog posts. Her photography grabs the attention of her audience and she explains, not only with photos, but with her words of all the days spent overseas. I cannot wait to hear and see more about her amazing once in a lifetime adventure.

Please take a look at Carly’s European Adventure on Blogspot and Liz Culborn’s WordPress Randomly Ravishing. Maybe give a couple comments to make their day!