Social Media is becoming a major part of everyone’s lives including businesses. Inbound Marketing University hosted the speaker Jamie Turner. The title of the video/podcast is “Social Mobile Marketing”.

Jamie Turner started out the video/podcast with a fun fact. In 1965 a commercial needed to be shown 3 times during prime time television hours to reach 80 percent of its viewers. Now in 2012, a commercial must be shown 125 times to reach the same amount, 80 percent of the viewers. What does this mean? The audience commercials need to reach has substantially grown larger. Meaning more commercials to reach a bigger audience so the selling product can have a fighting chance.

Next Jamie Turner talked about a study that was conducted. A group of people were asked to take place in a survey. The first step was to blindfold the survey participants and hand them two cups. One filled with Coke and the other with Pepsi. Asking the participants which drink they preferred the results were 50/50. The next part was  to conduct the same survey but now without blindfolds. The result were surprisingly different, 75 percent chose Coke over Pepsi even though the first results were 50/50. Surprised? Jamie Turner said that the second time around the participants chose the product based on what they were emotionally connected with. Think back to the commercials. What does Coke use in most of their commercials, usually around the holidays? Santa Clause. Now the same question but for Pepsi. Brittany Spears. Viewers are more connected with Coke because of the warm and homey feelings they receive from the Santa Clause Coke commercials. Hear that companies? Viewers rate and select products that they are emotional attached to. Meaning commercials need to be attention grabbing and up to date.

Ever heard of QR codes? Those weird looking square blobs that businesses are using. Jamie Turner gave a website to where mobile owners can go online and download an app that will allow their mobile device to scan and read QR codes. Neat huh? We thought it was going to be difficult! Business have started using QR codes on just about everything: business cards, billboards, moving billboards, and in magazines. A great advertisement that is fun because the concept of new to the world.

Jamie Turner did a great job with giving his presentation. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about “Social Mobile Marketing”.