1. Jillian ReidHello, I’m Going To Knock Your Socks Off…“- April 13, 2012

“Jillian this is great topic post! I feel people who are young in this field should read what you have to say. So informative! Saying the name at least twice is a great point that I did not cross my mind. I cannot wait to put everything I have learned from this post into practice! Thanks!”

2. Molly DoddThank you, Thank you!“- April 13, 2012

“Whenever I am in Ross and/or Marshalls I do find myself saying that alot “Hm, who could I send a note to?”. Normally the stationary is visually attractive and its calling to me to find a pen and stamp. Receiving snail mail is one of thee best feelings, it definitely brings a smile to my face. I never thought about writing a thank you note to a company/job that I recently interviewed at. Great idea!”

3. Gina CampanaleColor Me Pretty“- April 13-2012

“Dying eggs for the Easter season is so much fun! I was able to go home for Easter weekend and be with my family. We also died boiled eggs to help pass the time. Dad read something about using a white crayon to write on the eggs with. Use the crayon to write whatever on the eggs then dye them. The writing is left white! So cool! If you end up trying that let me know your thoughts. It is good to read your blog, makes me feel as if I am with you. Miss you Gina!”

4. Elizabeth TelgPhotography-Do It!“- April 13, 2012

“What a great post!! You are informing your blog followers and bringing Digital Photography School credit and possible more clients! I have a camera and I am taking photography but I can always use a reminder on the basics. Life become hectic and I tend to use the same settings because I am comfortable with them. I think it is time for me to venture out and try more settings. Let’s see what my camera can do! Thanks girls!”