1. The Wedding Planner SchoolWedding Gift List – Convenient or Presumptuous?“- April 13, 2012

“I never knew that for high class weddings including the gift list with the invitations is considered tacky. I do believe gift lists are included to save money on postage. Saving money on anything is always a plus, especially when planning a wedding. I am currently a Bride and I really enjoyed this post. Very informative on new information! I will be sure to stop by and read more of your blog posts!”

2. Always and Forever CT Wedding Planner BlogREMEMBERING | ALWAYS AND FOREVER, LLC CT’S PREMIERE WEDDING PLANNERS“- April 13, 2012

“From a Bride, it is very nice to know that your clients became your friends. I am sure your friendship and the fact that you will never forget the special moments of their wedding means a lot to them. I like that you mentioned the part of the wedding day where you see the bride and grooms facial expressions when they both first see each other. That is my favorite part of any wedding, everything about their love shows on their faces. I enjoyed your post!”

3. wnyweddingplannerSomething old, new borrowed and blue“- April 13, 2012

“I thought this blog post was filled with great information! I never thought of these ideas. I like the idea of sewing on vintage buttons to your wedding dress for something old. I also like using someones Bible for the ceremony as your something borrowed, we will be using my dads! Once again I really enjoyed this blog post! Fun, light, and informative!”

4. Lea and JayScallion Cheddar Scones“- April 13, 2012

“I cannot wait to try this recipe! They do look delicious and savory! They sort of look like the biscuits at Red Lobster, the cheddar ones. I am sure the scallions give them a slightly different taste! Thanks for sharing your recipe!”