You tube can be an addicting website. They help users out by putting the current most popular videos on their main website. What does this do? Help the most popular become more popular.

A video that I thought became viral early on was the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video. It consists of two brothers sitting on a couch. The eldest ,who does not have a name in the video for it was never mentioned, places his finger near his little brothers mouth. Anyone knows what will happen once an object is placed near a little child’s mouth. So yes the little brother bits his older brothers pointer finger and the older brother ,very well, vocalizes how he feels. The best part is that the boys are English. I have conveniently placed the video in this post so in the oddest case you have not seen it, you can change that.

Another video that I though has become viral fast is the video from Jimmy Kimmel live. Its the episode where Jimmy asks all the parents to tell their children that they ate all their children’s Halloween candy. Than to sent Jimmy the responses of their children via video. The video shows snit bits of multiple videos. But my favorite is the one with the two brothers. They are calmer than most of the children who loose all limb feeling and fall on the floor screaming. The brothers tell their mom that she ate “2 bags of candy” and that they “feel bad for her cause shes going to get a tummy ache”. Here is the video below.