Widgets are online applications that you can interact with. Widgets are also on mobile devices. I currently have the LG Vortex smart phone. It was a free upgrade that I pick up during last summer, hey free is free. Okay so anyways, the LG Vortex already had widgets onto the phone. One of the widgets that I like to use is the Yellow Sticky Note widget. Sticky notes are even more convenient on mobile devices. Study’s show that there is a higher chance of someone turning around in their car and going back home to get their cell phone compared to their wallet. This goes to show how important technology is today. The sticky note company has already gotten on board with widgets and i am thankful for that!

Badges, when clicked, take you to another website. Badges are not only on the mobile application Foursquare but also used on multiple websites. Badges can also be added to your signature on an e-mail. Ovarian Cancer National Alliance offers badges for just that. You can Add awareness to every e-mail by placing the badge right next to your name.

Badge Credit: inspire.com

The Ovarian Cancer Awareness is very close and dear to my heart. Last year my mom was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and is currently receiving Chemo treatment. We are praying for and proclaiming ultimate healing! I hope that everyone finds a non-profit organization that is dear to your heart. Try to support it by adding something as simple as their badge on your e-mail or business cards. With technology as advanced as it is these days, spreading the word of a non-profit organization does not take much effort. Go and support!

Both add personalization to the websites. Both can attract users to other sites that compliment your site.