Diigo is an online social bookmarking site. Diigo allows for its users to view all their bookmarks in one place instead of on their internet browsers tool-bar. Bookmarks on internet browser tool-bars can create clutter. Today’s generation is looking for the most convenient and that includes less clutter.

I am a member of the site Delicious which is another social bookmarking site. Delicious and Diigo differ in the way that Diigo likes to add a tool-bar to the internet browser and I feel that goes against the point of having less clutter. Although, some people would prefer tool-bars to a website you have to sign in to visualize the bookmarks.

Photo Credit: mmmeeja.com

My Delicious account includes anything related to Wedding Planners. I found all of them on the website WordPress, which is a personal/public blog. Right now I am working on a Personal Learning Plan and the topic I have chose is Wedding Planner. I am researching and taking notes of everything Wedding Planners do from engagement day to wedding day. With Delicious I am able to bookmark all the sites that I am using for the Personal Learning Plan. Everything that has to do with a Wedding Planner I can bookmark in one place. This is so convenient!! To have all my sources for the project in one area makes researching a little more enjoyable.

Convenience is why social media is so big and constantly growing. Convenience is also the perk to sites like Diigo and Delicious. Earlier in this post I was discussing a project called Personal Learning Plan. High school and college students should use social bookmarking for all it’s worth! These sites allow you to create a private account where you can only see your bookmarks. AND a public account. The public account could work best for group projects. Every student in the group project can keep adding bookmarks to the site. Before you know it, sitting in a classroom will be a thing of the past and virtual will be the new and now way to school.

Big corporations can get in on the latest trend also! A corporation using a public social bookmarking site can allow there (future) customers to see what the company is all about. Bookmarking article they produce or article they want to share. All of the companies websites can be bookmarked on the one site. Can I hear you say convenient?!

If you have not joined Delicious or Diigo I would suggest that you hop on that band wagon! Try both sites. Get the hang of how both sites work. If you prefer one over the other then use only that one. Becoming familiarized with everything social media is smart investment into the future. Social media is not going anywhere. If anything, social media will become bigger.