The local high school is gearing up for homecoming week. Spirit week is creeping up and kids are getting excited for the announcement of homecoming king and queen. During spirit week posters fill the hallways with “Vote for…” written in colorful bold letters. Polls are taken and the top contestants are shown for all to see. Now its the Friday night game, the day before the homecoming dance. The homecoming court are riding around the football field.

Opinion polls do not necessarily happen only in politics. We have participated in them multiple times without realizing. The occasion I mentioned earlier is a great example.

At my school we have Senate. It is for the students and by students. Once a month, Senate is held and students are given the opportunity to bring a proposal to the board. If this proposal is passed through Senate then it goes to the Leadership at the college. Even though there is no written poll taken, opinions are still told and shown through the actions of the proposal pass the first round or not.

If one wanted to create their own opinion poll, don not fret they are easy to put together. Opinion Power is a website that allows anybody to create FREE polls and surveys.

Below is an example of a poll from 2010 “Tea Party Favorites”. See polls are for elections as well. The public is familiar with the concept of polls and surveys more than we think.

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