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Foursquare is an application that can be downloaded onto any smartphone (Apple and Android). This application has become a hit in the past few months. Foursquare allows users to follow other users and see where they check-in to. Everywhere possible has a check-in and if it does not, then you can create one. Points are rewarded to the user when checking in to places. Badges are also given away when so many check-ins have been accomplished. For instance, checking in to a certain amount of movie theaters will give you a movie badge.

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Checking into a business will bring them more customers and expand their client Intel. This is one of the many perks business and organizations, whether profit or non-profit, will experience. Business are given the opportunity to place specials on their Foursquare profile. Specials? Discounts? Both features bring in more customers.

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Although there are a lot of perks to business having and using a Foursquare profile, downfalls are present as well. Since everyone can make a profile and anyone can create a new check-in, scams could happen. Specials and discounts could be fake on fake business profiles.

There are downfalls for normal users (not business or organizations) also. Checking allows your followers to see every play that you are. So please make sure your careful with who you accept as your friend on Foursquare. Just like with all the other social media applications and website, be careful.