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A podcast is basically episodes available online to download onto portable media devices. The cast comes from broadcasting and pod from iPod.

Apple has made life even better. With the invention of iPods and iPads, we can take our virtual world everywhere we go. You forgot your TV show was on and now you left home? Don’t worry just go to the market place look for your TV show. Download the episode and watch away. Problem solved. Flying from one state to the next can be boring especially when traveling from East to West. Your boredom is fixable, download a podcast onto your portable media device.

Churches use podcasts too. Church goers are sick and laying  bed but still want to be apart of the service that morning. Search for your church on your portable device find that morning service and watch the service live. Feeling as if you are really there with your family, you start to feel comforted and better.

Podcasts can also be great for Public Relations majors/minors. For instance the software Photoshop is awesome but very intricate. When working with a new software many users find it helpful for direction and instruction. Yeah anybody can read the directions the software comes with but wouldn’t you rather someone show you how to use it? Podcast is the answer. Downloading informative videos that show users step-by-step instructions. Giving the ability to pause and rewind when the instruction needs to be repeated.

Podcasts are the technology of the present and the future. Podcasts can be downloaded onto a laptop as well. So don’t fear you don’t own the latest portable device to play all your podcasts on.