What are Information graphics, aka infographics? Have you ever read a long article explaining a new software. The article was so long to even try to comprehend. Along with all the unknown words used to explain the software. Ever wish they could just show you in a picture what they are talking about? That is what infographics are. They are picture charts that are simply to the point using pictures and key words.

Photo Credit: us.cision.com

While offering eye appealing pictures, Cision is offering us data on “Social Media Profiles Maintained for Blogging or Journalistic Use”. Infographics are more effective then per say an article because everyone can understand the idea. As you can tell infographics are always colorful, notice how it draws your attention. That is exactly why infographics are effective!

Little do we know, infographics are used in everyday life whether we are aware or not. For instance a highway sign. Sometimes just a picture is shown, and you know what, it makes perfect sense! Look at that, communication without words.

Photo Credit: Asphalt and Rubber

Social Media can be tough idea to grasp. There is so many type of social media that one could become confused instantly. If only there was a game, like Monopoly, that could help us with social media, an on going crazy..

Photo Credit: Benjamin Christines

What are your thoughts on infographics?