“Social Media: Friend or Foe?”

Photo Credit: Ashworthcreative

I listened to a podcast where employees from certain companies discussed the importance of companies using social media (blogs) to connect with their customers.

Here is what I learned:

Blog post for companies can be written by employees as well as management. Posting about what they are doing. Customers want to hear from those working. Allow the IT people in on the blog. They are the ones fixing the problems. Maybe allow them to answer some questions. The blog has to be on purpose it cannot be “occasion”. “Letting others see through the companies eyes”. The blog could also be a fast way to end controversy. For example: when someone bad mouths the company. “Customer feedback is priceless”.  Bad comments, customers bad experiences can greatly improve a company. The best part about social media is its free. Companies only need to constantly keep their social media up to date.

A few points that surprised me:

Management within companies feel they are “too busy” to start a blog. Surprised much? Also, customers are already talking, good and bad, about the company. Why not have a company blog customers can turn to and in return, receive change. Some companies truly do not realize how fast technology with social media is growing and becoming important to succeed in today. A lawyers blog? hmm. That’s an interesting view. What about the employees? Ask them what could be improved. Remember that “knowledge is an asset”. That is a great point!

I would like to know more about:

Who is really writing the company blogs I follow (Starbucks, Forever XI, etc)? The difference in companies who use social media and those who do not. Why wouldn’t companies use social media? How effective was this podcast that came out on October 4, 2008?

I really advise companies to at least get their feet wet with social media. You will not regret it!