The dictionary defines the following terms:

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Public Relations as “the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its public’s”.

Corporate Communication is defined as “the message issued by a corporate organization, body, or institute to its public’s”.

“Business (also known as enterprise or firm) is an organization engaged in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers”.

“A department is a part of a larger organization with a specific responsibility.”

A PR firm vs. a PR/Corporate Communication function within an organization. Where would you choose to work?

PR Firms offer several services for their clients. The PR Firm called AXIA displays all their services on their home page. The services include: Media Relations, Social Media, Corporate Communications, Reputation Management, Crisis Communications, Executive Media Training, Thought Leadership, Speaking Engagements, and Award Recognition.

Pros: Learn all aspects.

Cons: Multiple areas to know

A PR/Corporate Communication function within an organization creates a picture that shows a smaller function within this huge organization. The PR/Corporate Communication function would function in on a certain function. More precise then the broad word Public Relations.

Pro: More specified job title and narrow in on a particular subject.

Cons: Is bigger always better?

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What do you all think? What are your Pro’s and Con’s of both Public Relations Firm and PR/Corporate Communication of an Organization? Ready, Set, Go.