Photo Credit: Geeky Gadgets

Every kid wants to have some sort of supernatural powers. I wanted to fly so bad that I had multiple dreams of flying. This little kid wanted to “use the force”.

Okay so we all know about if not watched the Movie Star Wars. Darth Vader has “the force” but uses it for the bad; evil! The kid in this Volkswagen commercial is wearing  the Darth Vader costume. He is dressed the part but he just could not seem to use “the force”. In the commercial the kids dad definitely has a sense of humor. While watching the add I felt for the kid, both when he was trying to use his powers and when his powers mysteriously worked. Here’s the clip:

-Video Credit: You Tube

Its a Volkswagen commercial. The commercial does not specifically brag and boast about the vehicle shown but the audience is given a great feeling; a feel good commercial. While giving the audience a good feeling (happiness), Volkswagen is showing off the special features of their new 2012 Passat . Within a certain distance, the Volkswagon can be started by pressing a button on the key. A pretty awesome feature. I love how the kid becomes stunned when “the force” is with him.