Embracing Groundswell is the 9th chapter in the book Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.

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The dictionary defines embracing as “to take or receive gladly or eagerly: accept willingly: to embrace an idea”. Embracing customers means not only asking for and listening to advice and/or comments but also putting what they say into action.

A quote from the book, “But the fact ism as you’ve seen in all the chapter leading up to this one, your customers are chomping at the bit to tell you what to do. They’re both complaining about praising your products on forums. They’re rating and reviewing your product on retail sites. They’re blogging and making videos and analyzing your every move. Whether you’re ready or not,, they are now part of your process–they are leaning over your managements shoulders”, (182).

Since customers are already offering their opinions for all to read and hear, why not include them in the process so their feedback is positive on virtual boards and blogs. Let your customers know they are appreciated. It will make a bigger impact then you think.

This is where caring for your customers comes into play. The definition of caring is “to act on; deal with; attend to”. Caring is asking customers their thoughts instead of waiting for complaints.

Another quote from the book, “… customers don’t take long to tell you what they want… they know whats wrong and how things can be fixed. They have ideas your development people and management haven’t thought of yet”, (183).

Caring means letting customers know they matter. Striving to give them the best quality for the best price and the asking them “what else?”.

So here for all my fellow bloggers…

What else? 🙂