Googling my self did not work out. About 9,030,000 for “Jessica Winstead” and crazy enough, I was not on the first couple pages. Apparently my name is very common…? A hand full of years ago I searched my name out of curiosity and found out the my Grandma had my name engraved onto a rock and the astronauts dropped it off on the moon, along with my immediate family’s names.

Photo Credit: sunside

I searched my whole name through Facebook and it did not show any results. I have my privacy settings up as private as they could go without deleting my Facebook.  Even though there is no such word as privacy on the internet, I am using all the privacy sites offer!!

Some sites offer basic background searches. I background checked myself and found out my age and name.

There is not much to find. I would like to see this as positive. I would rather my name to be posted everywhere throughout the internet.I would like to stay cautious with who I add on Facebook, Twitter, or any other website I am affiliated with.

I have found nothing, besides my name and age. I have come to the conclusion that Googles “no result page” is a great and positive sign. What people find matters. So be careful  and cautious when it comes to displaying your life and body on the web until the day Jesus arrives. Better safe than sorry. If you must place your life on the web, then proofread and keep to a minimum!!