Is social media monitoring ethical? OR should we be asking is murder and rape ethical? Media monitoring would include monitoring information that we have typed-up and generously displayed and granted access for anyone to read. The government is not hacking into our computers and peaking at our daily pictures, they are trying to protect America.

I decided to do some research of my own on this very topic. USN (U.S. News) posted an article titled “FBI Wants to Monitor Social media for ‘Emerging Threats“.

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The FBI is wanting to develop and use an application that will allow them  to “quickly vet, identify, and geo-locate breaking events, incidents and emerging threats”, (USN). The idea is to keep “Big Brother Watching” and this means through the internet. They believe it would be great to “predict the future”, (USN). Hopefully, it won’t end badly like it did for Tom Cruz on the movie Minority Report.

I realize the world we live in is messed up and can be dangerous. Technically, everything placed in a Facebook status and a Twitter tweet is available for everyone to see, including the FBI. Which is why everyone should be careful with what they place into cyber space.

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The government is trying to keep crime at an arms length and I do not blame them. High schools and College campuses are monitoring the media that is seen while on their internet. Some high schools have towers on the school roofs that prohibit cell phones from receiving wireless service. College campus block certain websites from students viewing. When those sites are clicked on, an email is sent to the school.

Social media monitoring is everywhere. More so for our protection then to deny us of our personal freedom and rights. If its personal then keep it personal and don’t display online for all to see.