Not everybody learns the same way. Some learn with discussion and lecture, others, like myself, learn better when visual aid is present.

Images inside blogs can explain the point you are trying to get across. For instance, when someone is talking about an outfit they saw on a website. The blogger would go on to explain in their post what it look. The accessories the model/mannequin was sporting. Without a picture the readers vision could have a chance of being completely off the original idea.

Photo credit: Philipp Klinger Photography

Visual aids add extra zing to a blog. The more zing and color a blog possess the more appealing to the human eye. Not only appealing to followers and bloggers but also to the blogger herself or himself.

Children veer towards books with colorful pictures. Why is that? It is because of the colors and pictures that pop off the page. Sometimes pictures can tell the story better than the caption or words next door.

I grew up hearing from teachers “always give credit to where credit is due”. In research papers and essays we offer a Bibliography, Works Cited, and/or foot notes to give proper credit. In blogs all pictures and videos, any visual aid should be credited.

The website compfight, offers pictures that are approved by the original user. When uploading a picture to your blog, there is a space for a caption. The website or user/artist can be filled in. Proper credit will be given underneath all pictures and/or videos.

Not giving credit is silly when giving credit is easy and simple. Have more fun with your blog by adding pictures. Your personal color and style will making blogging more exciting and create happy followers.

Photo Credit: Ben Heine

Don’t make blogging a chore, enjoy it!