Professional Comments

1. Carly’s European ExperienceEuropean Experience: Crepes and Cathedrals“- January 28, 2012

All the pictures in your posts are beautiful! I feel as though I am walking through the countryside along side you. The Cathedrals are so beautiful. So much detail everywhere your eye looks. I cannot wait to see more!!!

2. Desired Assistance WeddingsDA Picks: Chandeliers“- January 28, 2012

I enjoyed looking at all the chandelier photos on this post. I am actually wanting to attempt and hopefully succeed in creating the DIY Doily Lamp. I have yet to see a photo like the Cloud Chandelier for it is unique in of its self. I would have to say that the first photo, The Couture Chandelier would be my top choice!

3. Sugar and ClothDIY // Slate and Cheeseboard“- January 28, 2012

What a fun and simple DIY project! This project could even cost one nothing if they already had felt handy. What is great about this is you can choose any color or type of tile to use to help match the decor you already own. I thought the idea of writing the type of cheese with chalk on the cutting board was brilliant!

Peer Comments

1. Liz ColburnWill You One for One?“- January 27, 2012

I agree with what TOMS stand for and does for the needy over seas. Last year I received my first pair of TOMS for my birthday and immediately fell in love! I bought another pair within the next few months. I noticed their sunglasses and I too realized how expensive they are but you helped me see it from a different point of view. If we are to spend money on designer shades why not buy a pair from TOMS that include an eye exam and prescription glasses or surgery. “So why not buy ones that will help the health of someone in need?”. I agree with you, why not?

2. Eliza TelgNeed Ideas For Holiday Parties? Here Are a Few!“- January 27, 2012

Referring to the first picture: even though it is extremely easy to create, it is a center master piece! How adorable is that?! The simple rustic feel makes me warm and cozy. Both the candles and greenery add just enough to complete the center master piece. Thank you for sharing!

3. Liz Colburn “DIY: Melted Crayon Art“- January 27, 2012

Melted Crayon Art is a phenomenon on Pinterest! My future sister-in-law gave her mom a melted crayon picture, it was beautiful. She picked certain crayon to ensure

Photo Credit: Pinterest

the art colors matched the house’s decor. I found this one on Pinterest and I am wanting to attempt and perfect it when ever I have a free moment. There is a

couple holding an umbrella and they are all black. the melted crayons are melting down giving the allusion of rain, it’s whimsical.