Social Media is taking over my free time and seeping into my busy time. What would I do with all that free time? I guess I could write a novel or take up knitting. I am starting to wonder how people, 20 plus years ago, did without multimedia taking over. I am thankful, that in this generation, we will not be discarding technology.

Since high school, Facebook has take up more of my time than sleeping, well maybe more. Facebook allowed me to stay in touch with family members and blasts from the past. It allowed easier picture sharing and helped to keep up with the Jones.

I didn’t get into Twitter until college. It is a more condensed version of the Facebook network. With limiting characters allowed within a status, tons of hash tags and texting conversation take up the tweets. Status updates are more to the point, sparing the unnecessary details. Twitter is great to quickly update yourself in a same time fame.

Photo Credit: Michi.Da

Last semester I stumbled upon Pinterest and fell head over heals. Virtual categorical boards and pins showing personal interest; I adore this site! I thank Pinterest for giving me more doors to open for everything imaginable. I already have a virtual board for my future wedding. Once the engagement happens, my wedding planning will be easier thanks to Pinterest.

I have considered blogging and it didn’t take until two of my college classes required one to start a blog. Then again I am a Communication’s major, a required blog was bound to happen sometime. The more I grasp the concept the more I enjoy it. It’s a different world of writing and social networking. Blogging seems to have a different sense of writing compared to journalism and devotion writing.

I do not think I should look for nor take up anymore networking for right now. I mean, I do need to sleep and graduate college. Only three more semester, oh yeah!

Let the blogging continue…